Salo Halo Box


SHB 1 P165 (save P9)
Includes: 2 Banana slice, 2 Mamon Cup, 2 Brownies

SHB 2 P159 (save P9)
6 Cheesy Ensaymada

SHB 3 P 143 (save P10)
3 Cheesy Ensaymada
3 Cheesy Softy Butter Mamon

SHB 4 P129 (save P9)
6 Cheesy Softy Butter Mamon


Q: Is the promo available in all Cindy’s branches?
A: Yes, you may avail Salo Halo box in all Cindy’s branches

Q: Can customers “mix and match” the products included in the Salo Halo box?
A: No, because each box was computed.

Q: Can Senior and PWD discount applicable in this promo?
A: No, Salo Halo Box is already discounted. Under Senior Citizens Act:  “In the purchase of goods and services whichre on promotional discount, the Senior Citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 whichever is higher.

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